hexcell fabric light diffuser // installation

2012: permanent ceiling installation at Heavybit Industries in San Francisco, CA
Materials: coated fire resistant woven nylon mesh, grey thread, rectangular steel tube, clear coat gloss, 1/4″ hex bolts, washers and nuts.

Designed and built working for IwamotoScott Architecture as part of an interior design project with multiple installations for Heavybit Industries in San Francisco, CA. I was responsible for the design, fabrication and installation of the Hexcell Fabric Llight Diffuser Installation. Functionally, the installation needed to diffuse both sound and light. The hexagonal geometry was used to complement the company logo. The project was designed through an interative process of half and full scale prototyping to physically test and develop the piece. The piece is hung and supported from steel straps that keep the fabric installation in tension and allow for subtle variation in the geometry as it gathers to connect to the steel supports.  The material produces an ephemeral quality that softens and complements the renovated industrial space.

AIASF Merit Award 2013: click here
Architectural Record “Heavybit Industries | IwamotoScott Architecture” 2013: click here
ACADIA 2012 | Curated Projects “HexCell Steel Light Fixture & HexCell Fabric Light Diffuser. Heavybit Industries, San Francisco, 2012”