“the cloud” // MUNICIPAL POOL // [sub] urban swim // balboa park, san francisco

“the cloud” // MUNICIPAL POOL // [sub] urban swim // balboa park, san francisco
Fall 2012: 201 Comprehensive Design Studio

the objective for the project is to harness the natural atmospheric conditions of the site, fog, to operate the pool. not only for pragmatic reasons, but also to capture and reveal the latent, ephemeral qualities present at the site to create a unique experience for the users of the pool. the project utilizes fog to heighten distinctions and create a transition between the natural, unpredictable atmospheric conditions present at site and the artificial, controlled state of the pool and the park at which it is sited.

the aim of the project is to draw together the condition of water from the ground, within the pool – the artifice – and the condition of the “cloud” – the system of fog collection. conceptually, the formal characteristics of the project both heighten and dissolve distinctions between these two conditions: the plinth, as a low mutable mass of the building juxtaposed with the volumetric presence of the “cloud” composed of a light structure designed to maximize fog collection.